I am 20-something from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I’m a simple sort, good food and and a potter in my little pink kitchen make me very happy indeed. I don’t care much for fussing with food at home, but am passionate about good quality ingredients cooked well. I hope to share with you here how I do that.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. BelfastTaxiDriver Says:


    Have been following your blog for a wee while now and must admit it really enjoy it. Was wondering have you ever came across a good recipe for lentil soup? I remember my grandmother making it but alas it much to late to try and get her recipe!


    • littlepinkkitchen Says:

      What kind of lentil soup? Like a bacon and lentil? Or carrot and lentil? Or lentil and lentil?

      I’m sure I can come up with something, thanks for swinging by!

  2. belfasttaxisdriver Says:

    I guess it would be bacon and lentil hard to go wrong with bacon

  3. Dean Says:

    Hi, I love your blog! Please, please, please can you post your recipe for cinnamon scones like the ones from the bay tree in holywood.

    I remember you mentioned it on the blog once that you would post the recipe soon but it never appeared.

    I would love to try making my own.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.s. Ibiza is brilliant!! You should definitely go!!! 😃

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